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Consulting, Support and Solutions for Entrepreneurs or Micro-Startups


We help projects with sustainabilty and wellbeing in mind, providing early stage budget startup marketing and administration setup in no time and with the minimum resources.

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What Does MyFitrah Do?


help for freelancers & micro-startups

Our approach is to provide advice backed up with clear plans that can be implemented. while also providing tools for you to embark on your venture.

We customise the approach needed to ensure that each business is given the greatest chance of 

successfully implementing whatever change they need.

Whether you are growing, reviewing, realigning  or restarting your business; we are here to do the hard work with you.


branding, strategy & online presence

We help find a language for talking with and about your business that is authentic, easily understood and consistent with your values.

Beyond making a memorable impression, your brand allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your business. 

Once a brand is established and has loyal customers, a more creative approach can be adopted to build the brand narrative. 


G-Suite + WordPress, & more, out of the box oline business marketing & administration tools

We know one size doesn’t fit all – and it shouldn’t. We work with individuals, teams and whole organisations.
Using simple standard cloud tools and hosting serivces, we can plan and implement any strategy on your behalf to suit your business needs as a one time or ongoing service.

For Who?


Should you need help setting up your website, sale presentation letters email campaigns, social profile accounts or any digital marketing or branding, get in touch.


Small projects are sometimes have the largest effect. As pioneers in travel service and hospitality, with over ten years experience and contacts. We are ready to help you reach out.

More Than Consulting

How do you take an idea and turn it into reality?

The truth is, that there is a process and it can be learned.

At My Fitrah, we challenge you to look beyond the obvious or the fashionable and to consider a future that can you shape.

Brand Communication

Delivered either through supporting small teams or at larger one or two day workshops, we use Design Thinking principles and apply different lenses to allow the businesses to see alternatives.  We teach you how to move boundaries and limitations.  We show you how to overcome obstacles in
creative and imaginative ways.

Through our Innovation Coaching,  you will be challenged to move beyond the status quo and be provided with the skills and tools to make your organisation competitive in innovation and ideation.

Consultancy Services
Social media, is another chapter we require towards a 360 degree Marketing campaign. We cannot leave it out, and there are is an increasing number of networks out there we don’t want to miss out on. This is increasingly more powerful than email, it is best to have a good tool and strategy to help us do our job propperly.

social media strategies & automation
Social Media Consultancy
Everybody knows that making a website can be no joke, however nowadays, it is no rocket science either. With front side editores being at peak, we no longer need to use code for a simple presentation website. We can simply choose a design and start building our own sotry upon it.

wordpress out of the box, HOSTED, MAINTAINED
front-side WEBSITE edition & TEMPLATING READY
Website Builders
Administration process design toguether with email marketing plan gives life to the back stage operation management of your website. We have you covered with ready solutions. Under rated Google Apps solutions and script templates can set you a step forward of any pre-thought sales or communication funnels, Mailchimp being quite well known and popular, is used for subscribed email updates, whereas Autoklose can be used for active marketing campaigns, provided a growing hand picked audience we know by name and email.

google apps, mailchimp vs autoklose
Email Marketing

Why My Fitrah?

Making no claims, we are as we are. Our struggle is for survival. Survival in wellness of the body and thriving of our mind, heart and soul, which comes with hard work. This has marked us since 2007 on starting out as “Al-Andalus Experience”, the first local service to specifically attend Muslim travel needs in Spain. The new brand “My Fitrah” is set out to inspire and help achieve integration and support of small startups or freelancers, through a practical and active approach.


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