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    Group travel, experiences, and learning for all.

Spain is open again, we serve plans for you to make your own.

Plan with us and invite others to join or follow your plan, with our day by day location-based travel or event scheduler app. Anticipate and gain full control of any situation with your local team of ground service managers, guides, experience and logistics providers in Andalusia, Spain.


Al-Andalus Experience has inspired a growing livelihood in our local community while setting a trend for Muslim friendly and halal hospitality services across Europe since 2007.


Discover the Secrets of Muslim Spain.


The cultural rainbow that explains Muslim Al-Andalus is full of readings, learning and insight for us today.

As locals we have trained to be of service, providing knowledgeable information and experiences for travellers.

We aim to bridge a culture gap between the modern and traditional, European and Islamic worlds.​​


Hence, Al-Andalus Experience is about you and where you stand today in a global civilisation.

​​We invite you to experience history through tradition and synergies, rather than a dry political and warfare account.

Learn arts and skills while realising the spiritual value in traditional arts and apprenticeship of new skills.

Discover the origin, rise and fall of Islam during Middle Age Al-Andalus, in current Spain.


1. Travel Plans in Andalusia Spain: Guided vs Independent Packages to your custom standard.

Benefit from our service in a personalised and extendable, budget-friendly way.
Your key to the Golden Age cities of Al-Andalus & beyond. Plan from a few hours to multiple days in each city. Have our best plans combined to cater for your own independent trip? Yes, and count with our choice of local walks and activities, our favourite UNESCO Heritage Site Local Guides.

Multi-day plans will include optional meals and accommodation so that you can book these also with ease. Design your group trips including best city accommodation deals along with optimum transportation from arrival to departure. We recommend hiring local well-travelled Muslim tour managers towards a ‘Muslim Friendly’ travel experience through Spain.

  • Active daytime plans & meal options
  • Arrival to departure transport, accommodation, tickets & program logistics
  • 3-15 Day Packages Available
  • Choose your standards & count on over 10 years of experience & know-how.

As travellers emerge again within a “new normality”, being in control of safety and hygiene, social distancing, all play an important part in the way we think about preparing and planning any trip. A ‘Self Driven’ tour approach is also possible, and as with our Short Breaks and Daytime Plans, can be a flexible and independent way to get to know Andalusia, Spain and beyond. *Optional: include accommodation package bookings with your plan.

2. Short City or Nature Breaks and Daytime Plans

Ancestrally a crossroad of culture and civilisations, we like to invite travellers to include Andalusia, as the main stop in any routes into Europe, Spain,  Morocco or Portugal. In this spirit, we open channels for you to be part of a wide range of daytime activities and tours at a growing number of cities in Andalusia, major Spanish connection cities and beyond into Portugal or MoroccoShould you be local at any of our cities, we also provide you with the opportunity to list your activity in this section.
Mountain and seaside areas of Andalusia provide a chance for you to discover and enjoy at an easy pace. The Mediterranean South of Spain, and Alpujarra Hills, known for their healing and rejuvenating qualities. A range of rural homes, bed and breakfast or complexes, provide space for relaxing retreats, a base for your own custom tour, or action-packed adventure holidays.

3. Learning Trips and Events

Discover The Golden Age Cities Of Al-Andalus & Unique Natural Locations!We help you plan any learning event around “Traditional Andalusi Arts & Crafts” workshops such as Ceramics, Leather Crafts, Islamic Calligraphy, Decorative Arts, Geometry in Nature & Art, Andalusi Garden Design, Agriculture, Traditional Olive Cultivation and Oil Extraction and other Traditional Andalusi and Islamic arts and sciences. The Crafts & Workshop area is fundamental in order to contribute towards the continuity of traditional Islamic arts & sciences of Al-Andalus, bringing them into our age. These provide interesting activities for field trips, excursions, independent travellers or Educational Institutions and Organisations. We can include any of our workshop schedules within your travel route or plan a custom study trip from scratch for your group. We can include any of our workshop schedules within our planned itineraries. Weaved into any tours or as an intensive study or field trip.

4. Unique Locations, Event Venues and Celebrations.

Whether traveling or simply gathering, we breed familiarity amongst the most singular event venues, helping you with singular event venue rentals, celebration or event planning, lively activity agendas, transport, logistics, catering, , group invitations, ticketing options and more for large or small private group events.Join a rich agenda of global community events, at unique venues within singular rural or urban locations in Spain. Halal, Eco-Friendly, Community Gatherings & Traditional Learning EventsHost your own events or group study trips. Islamic retreat & madrasa campus, Islamic studies & mosque conference venues, singular historical buildings, unique natural settings, halal catering, all group sizes, mountain walks, nature activities & horse riding in Granada’s Alpujarra hills or Cordoba province.

5. Host your own trip, city or nature plans, workshops or activities with Al-Andalus Experience.

We started out in 2007 with an intention to gear local development towards a healthy, sustainable and more than all “Muslim friendly” tourism service for the world to enjoy our land and particular vision of it. After nearly fifteen years on the road, we are now ready to share more. We offer locals the chance to develop their own services and activities. You may also host your own themed travel plan or learning trip, and offer it to your own group list, share it privately or publicly for others to sign up for on our website. We don’t stop here though, we will also provide you with your own custom web page for the trip and help you by providing you with all the tools you need to share and have others sign up to your trip, event, tour or activity in Andalusia Spain. 

6. Local Travel Assistants, Guides, Courtesy Drivers and More.

Muslim Courtesy & Insight, Beyond Time.

The core of our team is composed of first and second-generation European Muslim which implies a natural gift for us of acting as a bridge, to cover a relevant culture gap present nowadays between Western and Islamic Culture, a link from our past traditional lifestyles into the modern European societies. Likewise, we invite other specialists and UNESCO Heritage Guides into our trips and Monument tours, to share lights upon a period which a gateway to European development.

A tradition of apprenticeship since 2007, to train knowledgeable, versatile and multi-talented local Muslim travel guides and assistants, makes us pioneers in “Muslim Friendly Travel”. A sound heart-mind-body balance, ample knowledge, wisdom and know-how is crucial to our service. Many local Muslim travel guides, have since started out with Al-Andalus Experience, so we can now choose the most suitable for your own language and group style in each occasion, and also serve an independent travel option which is suitable to low budget needs and independent travellers.Our tour managers are well known to vividly narrate the general story, contrasting the information provided by the Official Local Guides at each city center. City highlights and main Islamic heritage site tours are carried out by official UNESCO Heritage guides in Toledo, Cordoba, Seville, Granada and other cities when required by monument regulations, and then contrasted by our own guides’. As locals and as Muslim, we love to share knowledge and insight into the history of Al-Andalus, going beyond into European culture and our diverse Muslim communities today.

7. Group Travel Services and ground logistics in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Being the first organisation in Spain to offer a Muslim friendly and halal travel service, we have trained upon a clockwork performance through the most demanding schedules, for worldwide travel agency groups of all sizes since 2007. We do our best to set a trend in Muslim travel offer into Spain & beyond, while remaining humble, helping to rise our local economy sustainably as a region.
*Optional accommodation group package price and booking management.



My name is Zaruq,
Ahmad Zaruq 😉

I started Al-Andalus Experience back in 2007.
I can help you manage any trip, event, business, or need in Spain.

Due to the world situation and Covid travel and local regulations, we have been forced to pause the best part of our service, when we travel with you or your guests into a land beyond time, Al-Andalus. This all said the brains and mechanics of our system are good as ever. If you are a travel professional or you are planning any trips for your company, clients, school group, with family or friends, I can provide assistance and best consultation on all stages of planning and finding the best options for your budget.

I am always happy to hear about new trip plans or travel projects and am 100% here to help. Let me know how you want to go about scheduling a talk to consult your needs. Right now I am in the most flexible position due to the Covid-19 and its effect on tourism and the local economy, we need to keep a positive mind and do our best to make this world a place to travel in again soon. I am ready to work on any great cause.




We aim to bridge a culture gap between the modern and traditional, European and Islamic worlds.​​